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The scissor lift is perfect when you need to take heavier tools to high heights. With a large and flexible platform, it reaches from 8 to 26 meters and this lift is usually used for maintenance work. Typically for scissor lifts is a high loading capacity whether powered by diesel or electricity. For a selection of scissorlifts that we can offer you, click here!

Articulating Booms

These mobile platforms are mainly used for construction and maintenance work but also for park work, either as diesel or electricity. We have both more handy and more powerful models with different smart functions. Our smaller models can be maneuvered in narrow areas thanks to the rotating tower which can turn within the platforms width. For a selection of articulating booms that we can offer you, click here!

Vertical Masts

Vertical masts are best suited for maintenance work for example larger storage buildings. This is an ideal platform for reaching high in narrow areas and has a very good turning radius. Vertical mast platforms are powered with battery. We can offer with or without outreach, depending on what suits you best. With tires that doesn’t leave marks this platform is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. For a selection of vertical mast platforms we can offer you, click here!


Truck platforms has a working height from 10 to 28 meters. We have several models depending on what suits you best. Depending on the tools you need to bring up in the basket we can offer platforms for light truck, heavy truck, van or open loading platform. Truck platforms are most often used for road-, lighting- and estate maintenance work. For a selection of truck platforms we can offer you, click here!


Ixolift is the latest addition in Hydraultransport´s product programme. With a max height of 4 metres you´ll replace work from ladders and make the working place safer. There are no requirements for inspections or driving licence for this platform. It´s without both electricity and hydraulics, and free from maintenance. With advantageous measurements, this platform is easy to perform in more limited spaces. Click here to read more!

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